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Fauna Distaccato was created with the intent to give a new perspective to the wildlife we view daily in captivity. Through the utilization of a solid black background, this series provides the viewer with the opportunity to stop looking at the environment and focus solely on the animals themselves. The series translates as: Detached Wildlife, and it focuses on a better representation for the wildlife portrayed in this ongoing in-progress series. The black background was inspired by a National Geographic Wildlife Photographer: Joel Sartore who utilizes a similar strong contrast in his own series entitled, "Photo Ark" featuring a variety of diverse species.

These photographs were captured at local zoo's throughout the United States, and they draw attention to species that are currently at risk for extinction due to human impact. This series will continue to grow once more species are documented. Once more animals are documented, the goal of this series is to portray animals in a new way we aren't typically exposed to on a daily basis. The power of light helps to illuminate the wildlife we tend to overlook and take for granted. Conservation will also play a large role in this series as a way to better educate the public on the animals that are featured in this series.

Fauna Distaccato (Detached Wildlife)

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