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Viewed as controversial by some, SHADE is a photographic documentary series dedicated to Black History Month and also Women's History Month. This personal photo series was created on February 24, 2017 in Montevallo, Alabama. Featured within this series are five women pictured above: (Alyson, Jayla, Korynn, Charmella, & Alanna). Originally this series featured a sixth member: Sharneaka, however, after becoming ill the day of the photo session this series then was narrowed to five female members. 


SHADE was created early one morning when these five women were able to collaborate at the University of Montevallo. Once behind the lens, these members all allowed their personalities to shine through without any barriers. This series was created with the intent to give each of these five women the opportunity to be empowered by creating photographic work that relayed a powerful message. That regardless of the shade of one's skin tone these five women were able to come together and show the power of diversity. Through tonality and hair textures, these women were able to unite under the common goal to portray power during a two month period dedicated to women of color. 


This photographic series features young female college students from The University of Montevallo and The University of Alabama in Birmingham. The idea to do this project started after collaborating and creating a series entitled, "Powdered Faces" that these five women were apart of as well. After meeting up during one of the photo sessions, collectively we all discussed doing a series like this and then waited a year for the right moment.

Each of the five women were instructed to wear attire that best externalized their personalities and at the beginning of this series, each of the women were photographed individually to show off their own compositions. After these images were documented, the women were then instructed to work together and create group photographs featuring a variety of diverse compositions to show off the power of SHADE.

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