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Speculo, Regno, & Vitae was created with the intent to give a new perspective to the wildlife we view daily. Through the utilization of a reflected perspective combined with the power of coloration, this series provides the viewer with the opportunity to see both diversity in the animals and color presented in a spectrum of vibrancy. The series title stands for: Mirror, Kingdom, & Life to help better represent the range of varying wildlife that are present in this twelve image series. Geometry also plays a large role in each of the photographs through the utilization of harsh angles, straight lines, and crisp edges. A reoccurring shape that is seen in many of the images appears to be a diamond which helps to represent the clarity through both perception and perspective depicted in each of the photographs.

These images are displayed in the order that they were photographed throughout the year of 2015 where there was only one image captured each month. This series draws attention to a variety of Birds, Mammals, Primates, & Reptiles, many of which can be found at The Birmingham Zoo. When visiting zoos, viewers tended to either skip over these animals or only be interested in them for a few moments. Speculo, Regno, & Vitae forces the viewer to look more in depth to the dimension present in the photographs and also take notice of the wildlife portrayed without the perception of the animals being trapped in cages or behind reflective glass. This series externalizes the reflections of being confined and causes viewers to stop and stare at the openness and freedom displayed throughout the collective series. Education also helps viewers of this series on other social media platforms to learn more about each of these animals alongside with ways that they could contribute to the conservation and preservation of the wildlife so many of us take for granted.

Speculo, Regno, & Vitae (Mirror, Kingdom, & Life)

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