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Unbound is an ongoing wildlife portrait series started on January 25, 2017 where eleven species were documented through the utilization of a studio environment. Each of the animals photographed for this series are apart of captivity, where many of these species live out their lives as pets and members of loving families. Several of these animals were rescues while others were purchased from pet stores. This photographic series was inspired by Joel Sartore and his work on the Photo Ark featuring many of the world's various species. When looking at each of these species it's noticeable that the studio environment can be seen through their eyes.

These images were created without barriers, meaning that all of the animals were not confined to a space, enclosure, or cage, which provided a unique opportunity to be face to face with these captivating birds, mammals, and reptiles. Featured in this series are two species of gecko's including the vibrant Tokay Gecko. This series allows the viewer to see the mesmerizing details of each animal without the distraction of varying backgrounds. By presenting these animals against a solid environment, the viewer becomes exposed to their unique external beauty. As this wildlife series continues to grow, more species and wildlife photography will be added to show the wide range of exotic animals whom have become apart of captivity. 


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