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Undivided is a ten member black and white portrait series that was first started on February 2, 2017 and completed a month later on March 2, 2017. Each of the members photographed for this series were given the opportunity to pose full body in the location of their own selection. Also featured in this black and white documentary series were close up headshots focusing on each of the members externalized personalities through their appearance and attire selections for the series. Five females and five males took part in this series that was documented around Alabaster and Montevallo, Alabama. 


Attire is a way for these members to externalize the way the world perceives them. When color is stripped away it forced each of the members to question what sets them apart when there are no defining labels of color. Each of the members were also interviewed for this documentary series and asked what boxes, stereotypes, or labels defined them. It was important to ask each of the members questions like this to better understand and clarify what sets them apart as individuals. By making each of the series personal to each member it became more of an open environment to discuss more in depth and emotionally natural responses. 

Since this series was entitled "Undivided"  the focus of this series was to convey that these ten diverse and unique members both male and female all possess certain characteristics and qualities that define and set them apart. However, when they are displayed next to the other members where color, labels, and boundaries are stripped away. You then see that despite their differences externally and internally that set them apart, the focus then becomes unity. This series shows that regardless of your appearance, the labels you are placed under, the attire that describes you, each of these members are stronger when they come together as one. 

As a society if we didn't define and stereotype each other, we could recognize our differences as characteristics that make us stronger together. Through unity we are provided with the opportunity to work together and in this photographic series these members worked together to create one cohesive completed photographic series.

Together these members are apart of more than a photographic series, but rather a message that externalizes the importance of individuality. It is our habitats that set us apart from each other. We all have our own personal environment that we use to escape from our everyday surroundings and through this series each member reveals those hidden isolated moments of tranquility that can only be found in their environments.


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