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Excellence in Photography Award
Virginia Barnes Emerging Artist Award


Canon EOS 90D
Canon EOS 80D

Canon EF 28-80mm
Canon EF-S 18-55mm / 55-250mm
Canon EF Telephoto 100‑400mm IS II USM 


Joel Sartore
Jess Findlay
David Yarrow
Karen Graffeo


I am a dedicated photographer with a profound focus on capturing the essence of wildlife, nature, and the unique character of individuals through my lens. My expertise in wildlife portraiture has earned international recognition, and my work has been prominently featured in distinguished publications that celebrate the captivating allure of our planet's inhabitants.

Specializing in these diverse subjects allows me to skillfully showcase the intricate beauty of the world around us. Beyond the creation of mere images, my passion for photography serves as a powerful storytelling medium, encapsulating the unique narratives, emotions, and connections inherent in each fleeting moment. In my pursuit of authenticity, I strive to convey the raw beauty of wildlife, delve into the depth of human experiences, and highlight the sublime beauty of nature.

Guided by a discerning eye for detail and a steadfast commitment to preserving the authenticity of my subjects, I navigate the realms of wildlife, landscapes, and portrait photography with unwavering dedication. Whether immersing myself in the untamed wilderness, capturing genuine expressions and personalities of individuals, or framing the tranquil beauty of natural landscapes, my ultimate goal is to encapsulate the essence of each moment. Through my lens, I aspire to share a visual narrative that not only showcases my technical expertise but also communicates the profound connections that bind us to the world we inhabit.

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