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This personal photo series is entitled Powdered Faces Part 3, Colored Environments and is a collaboration project with my partner, makeup artist, and powder application specialist: Charmella Williams. Powdered Faces Part 3, Colored Environments is the third part and continuation to the original female series: Powdered Faces, featuring 60 women from the ages of 15-50. Powdered Faces Part 3, Colored Environments was inspired by The Humans of New York to add a documentary aspect to this series and give viewers the opportunity to view each unique photo/story daily. Members of this series had the opportunity to tell their own stories alongside their photos to future enhance the reasoning behind why they chose their colors. This series features both men and women from the ages of 18-26 and shows diversity through the use of color. The idea to do this project started after watching an episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 entitled "Here's Your Test" where all of the models chose different colored powders that represented themselves and then covered their faces with it for a photo-shoot. After doing research, the discovery that paint powders could be purchased online for a cheap price really helped to get this series started. 


Powdered Faces Part 3, Colored Environments was created with the intent to give both men & women empowerment and also the opportunity to feel attractive through the use of colored powder in a natural environment. It is through the use of color, with their own personal photo-shoots that each member is able to express their own personality. However, when the entire series is presented together, this series shows that regardless of differences in age, race, skin tone, weight, or even sexual orientation, you can be whatever color you want to be, but can also come together to create one cohesive spectrum of color and also be a representation for the symbol of equality.

Charmella Williams

Makeup Artist / Collaborator

Powdered Faces Part 3, Colored Environments features a total of 18 members and has a total of 9 different colors including: Red, Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Aquamarine, True Blue, Dark Blue-Purple, Pink, and White. Each color has two members assigned to it to help really elaborate on the idea of diversity between masculinity and femininity. Just like leopards have their own spots, each member of this series has their own distinct pattern that sets them apart. This visual series was started on July 7, 2016 and the first member photographed was Anthony. Five months later, this series was completed by photographing the last member, Alyson on November 17, 2016.

   POWDERED FACES Part 3, Colored Environments

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